Interior Perspectives on Art

Spring 2022, Spring 2023
Undergraduate Lecture (online, asynchronous)
School of Interior Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Interior Perspectives on Art explores the relationship between interior spaces, notions of interiority, art, and material culture. Students are introduced to the major movements and ideas in art and architectural history from the Renaissance to the present by examining how art was produced for, in, and about interiors and interiority.

The course addresses historical and critical issues through a survey of images, readings, and films in order to develop an understanding of the social contexts reflected in interior space and the role played by art in reinforcing or changing social norms. Lectures and readings provide students with a critical vocabulary for describing the historical context and significance of works of art and related material culture.

Students are encouraged to engage in critical interpretation through the use of visual media as well as written responses, interrogating historical material in conjunction with their own lived experience of interiors and art through reflective, creative exercises such as photography, video, and image curation - thus making connections between past and present.  

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