Pobladores Database

Los Pobladores is a relational database compiled from birth, marriage, and death records, land deeds, wills and probate records, censuses, and other documents. The database currently contains information on approximately 10,000 individuals in Northeastern Mexico between 1600 and 1900, a span of about 13 generations, tracking the complex networks that connected frontier families. An associated geodatabase contains spatial information on land grants and archaeological sites from which which serve as the basis for maps, diagrams, and visualizations.

A planned digital public history project will comprise a web-based, interactive platform that will also include documentary media such as maps, photography and video, sketches, and field notes. The platform will facilitate student involvement in the research and aims to reach a wider public, especially the communities who shaped the borderlands.The project contributes to our knowledge of a built environment where evidence for actual structures may be limited or lost and gives presence to the people whose knowledge shaped the vernacular landscape.

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